An Engagement shoot under the Californian sun.

June 26, 2019

Joshua Tree, California played host to the most stunning engagement shoot with NYC duo; Sandra & Tim

Photographer Lucy Douglas

From the other-side of the globe, Sandra & Tim reached out after stumbling across Lucy’s first wedding she ever shot; Kim & Josh, showcased on the Lucie Weddings Instagram channel. Lucy’s fashion photography background spoke to fashion designer, Sandra & after a few emails they had secured both their engagement shoot in Joshua Tree, California & Wedding in NYC with Lucy.

“Looking back at these photos from this moment STILL give me the goosebumps… so much mood and emotion. You’re the real magic for making our vision come to life!”

Sandra KIM [ Bride ]


If you would like to have Lucy photograph your Wedding Day, shoot your brands next campaign or produce some creative content with substance please submit a contact form & she will be in touch shortly.