There’s something about film that offers a sense of nostalgia. You can’t see what you’ve got until it’s developed + it is what it is – you can’t change it. What captured in that moment is the essence of that image. Forever.

Luc Douglas

Lucy is warm, authentic, personable and such a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have picked a better fit for us. We were after something relaxed, natural and simple (and reasonable) and Lucy did such a great job in capturing it all.

Kim & Josh

Posse is a movement, redefining vintage for the modern day woman. Empowering confidence and effortless femininity.


We are IN LOVE with our wedding day film shots. Lucy is so talented.

Gen & Steve.

Challenging the depths of construction, Wanderlust Swim was conceptualised while losing ourselves in the beauty of exotic destinations. Our thoughtful yet simple silhouettes offer the perfect seaside staple that you can forever treasure.

Wanderlust Swim